Watch This Bouncer Knock A Kid Out Stone Cold With One Unreal Sucker Punch

Kid Knocked Out Bouncer


Over in Philadelphia, we’ve got one of the cleanest knockout videos we’ve ever seen.

It turns out that some kid was being a bit of a dickhead at the club and talking shit back to a bouncer. Well, you know what they say – ‘chat shit, get banged’ and that’s exactly what happened to this kid, as the bouncer knocks him out with one swift punch to the face. He’s out cold, man. Poor guy.

Yeah, although there’s no real doubting that the punch is incredibly effective and awesome, I’m pretty certain the kid did NOT deserved it. Sure, he was talking some shit about what would happen if the bouncer missed him when he punched him, but I don’t think bouncers should go around like that whacking everyone who’s kind of annoying. I mean they would be whacking everyone in the club right?

Seriously though, that dude shouldn’t be doing that and he’s probably going to get sued hard if that kid finds out that the video has been uploaded onto the internet. Game over pal.

If you want to see some more classic knockouts, then check out the video below:


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