WATCH: Drunk Girl Freaks Out At Live Streamer And Gets Maced


The best advice you can give to someone who doesn’t want to be filmed in public is to run away as far from the camera as possible. What you don’t want to do is engage and start a conflict; that’s basically live-streamer gold dust!

The person I feel most sorry for in all this though is the young lady’s sugar daddy. Zero chance of getting laid now after taking her out on what I’m sure was a very expensive date. And, as a bonus, he got maced right in the eye balls and has to spend the next couple hours listening to his drunk date cry and complain about it all. Not to mention – his wife’s probably gonna see this! Just a massive fail of a night all round (well, except for the live-streamer).

To watch a drunk dad attack his son over unpaid rent while on livestream, click HERE. Hello, social services?


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