Racist Girl FREAKS OUT At Hispanic Dude Who Tries To Chat Up Her Mate

When hitting on a girl’s best friend goes ridiculously wrong.

The person who uploaded this onto LiveLeak says that this all started because the Hispanic guy called one of the girls “beautiful”, though maybe the manner in which he said it wasn’t that innocent, judging by one of the girl’s reactions.

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Watch below:

So obviously that girl is being pretty fucking racist, though maybe dropping a deportation joke isn’t so bad if you consider what the guy might’ve said to her beforehand. Did he make some kind of nasty sexual advance towards them or are they just being bitches for no reason?

Here’s how the guy explained it on his Facebook page:

kansas guy

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Respect to the employee for sorting it out anyway. That girl was pretty terrifying.

P.S. Remember the guy who tried to chat up a single mum of 7 kids in the middle of the street? Classic.


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