Drunk Football Is Now A Real Sport Over In Norway And It’s Just As Dumb As You Would Imagine


Only in Norway.

Whilst I’m sure many of us have actually turned up to play football whilst in a slightly inebriated state, I don’t think that any of us will have ever competed in a  game of football where it’s actually stated in the rules of the game that you have to be over a certain level of inebriation, but that’s exactly what’s happening in this video you can see below.

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The action takes place over in Norway, where a bunch of guys turn up for a five a side match and are actively encouraged in getting blind drunk during it. That means you’re not even allowed to start playing until your blood concentration is 1.0 and every time a goal is scored your blood concentration is taken and if it’s lower than 1.0 then the goal is disallowed. Gotta love them rules:

Needless to say, the game was an absolute shit show with players getting completely wasted for about there hours before the game even started to the point where they can’t even stand and some of them are throwing up at the side of the pitch before the game even starts. They then have to continue drinking tequila throughout the match. Needless to say the standard of football isn’t great:

Yeah that was probably the worst game of football I’ve ever watched. They just were not up for it at all were they? What do you expect though eh, they’re literally completely off their faces. It’s impressive that they’re even trying to play when some of them can barely stand up.

That was a cracking goal from the drunkest player on the pitch to win it though, and ‘world class coaching’ like that annoying manager said. I can’t see this catching on as a spectator sport – even though the stadium seemed packed though – because it’s just so boring to watch because it’s so crap. Even those highlights were a bit of a slog despite the promise.

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