These Drunk Brits In Benidorm Are Not Worried About Coronavirus In The Slightest (VIDEO)

“It’s just a flu”.

Every day, more and more people are realising that coronavirus is no joke, but it looks as though this group of partygoers in Spain are lagging way behind everyone else as they enjoy their holidays.

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In fact as police were busy clearing streets and pubs, this lot were completely ignoring Spain’s Covid-19 quarantine altogether:

The worst part is they’re making all the rest of us look bad – check out the comments people are leaving on Twitter:

This one really stings:

Ouch. I guess their response to that would be that they’re hard as nails and British to the bone and that’s why they don’t give a shit about coronavirus. Bad news for them is that coronavirus doesn’t give a shit either so they better hope they don’t end up catching it and infecting their loved ones back home.

Since this footage was taken Spain has pretty much gone into total lockdown and has been restricting flights as of yesterday so let’s hope these morons are stuck out there with F all to do. Or else they’ll be back in the UK infecting everyone and then moaning about the forrins taking their jobs & weighing down the NHS.

Speaking of which, watch out for the conmen out there posing as NHS workers to steal from your homes. Utter bastards.


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