Drunk Brits Are Back Causing Carnage In Magaluf As Soon As Quarantine Is Lifted

Didn’t take long.

I’m not really sure if it’s great news to see people carrying on like Coronavirus never even happened when this revolves around drunk Brits going absolutely crazy and screwing things up in Magaluf, but maybe we should look on the bright side with this and take this as a sign that things are back to normal?

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Quarantine was lifted last week and Brits are now allowed to travel on planes and visit a whole bunch of different countries and obviously Magaluf was one of the first on their lists. Naturally, this meant that a whole bunch of them got really wasted on Friday night and decided to jump up and down on a car on the party strip of Punta Ballena, whilst others around them filmed them and chanted football songs to encourage them. They allegedly caused £2000 worth of damage.

Nati Francés, who is responsible for the town hall-employed local police, released the following statement about the incident:

We want tourists to come of course but not to misbehave like they did the other day.

We want holidaymakers to enjoy nightlife but not an alcohol theme park.

Those images worry us because they demonstrate irresponsibility in times like these.

But it was something very specific. They don’t reflect what happened the following day.

That’s nice of her to imply that everyone was well behaved for the rest of the weekend, but I just can’t really believe it given the reputation that us Brits have in foreign countries like that. It’s only going to get worse in the coming weeks as well as only six bars were open last weekend and they all closed at 2am – can you imagine what it’s going to be like when about a hundred of them are open all night after we’ve been in lockdown for four months?

Crucially, everyone over there is supposed to be social distancing and wearing masks at all times right now and clearly nobody except the police is doing that in the videos or the pictures. That’s definitely gonna be come even more lax in next few nights out either as things get bigger and bigger, isn’t it?

Can only hope it doesn’t lead to more death, but I dunno if we can be so sure of that. Enjoy it while it lasts I guess.

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