Check Out ‘The British Abroad’: An Embarrassing Photo Collection Of Boozed Up Brits


Sun, Sambuca and STDs.

The great European package holiday is something the UK is (not so proudly) famous for – where teenagers go to get wasted and catch STDs, and lager louts gather to do exactly as they would down the local pub. Only this time it’s sunny.

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Brits top the league of drunken holiday hooligans and one person who knows this better than most is photographer Peter Dench. This brave man spends his time documenting the shameful side of British culture, producing a series of books from his work. For this collection ‘The British Abroad’, Peter spent an entire summer touring the grimiest party destinations including Ayia Napa, Bulgaria, Ibiza and Magaluf, capturing boozed up Brits in their prime. Check it out:

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A British University Student balances on a balcony while on the inaugural ILOVETOUR to the town of Porec in Croatia. The tour organizes various sports and themed events and club nights.


Makes you proud to be British right? OK, maybe not.

For more stunning collections from Peter Dench, check out Alcohol & England.


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