Drug Gang Boasts About Avoiding Jail On Facebook; Gets Arrested And Sentenced To 48 Years


A gang of drug dealers who bragged about their crimes on Facebook have been arrested and sentenced to 48 years in prison.

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Dealer Mohammed Jabbar used to flaunt photos of the gang’s wealth from their heroin and cocaine sales on social media and he even posted a picture of himself wearing a balaclava with the words:

For what I’m about to do I could get like 35! Pray to God I get away.


Oh the irony.

In another picture he can be seen wearing sunglasses while sitting on a golden throne. Probably not the best move if you’re trying to stay undercover.

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It’s weird that they would be so dumb considering that with everything else they were careful. The gang, who were based in Manchester, used military-encrypted mobile phones to exchange messages and made thousands of pounds after hiding drugs in tins of dog food.


However, with the help of their social media arrogance, police managed to swoop in on the operation after catching a customer with a quarter kilo of coke. They then tracked down and caught four men last year while they were driving their drug haul from Manchester to Glasgow.


Greater Manchester Police’s Insp Lee Griffin said:

It was their own arrogance which led to their downfall.

Idiots. This week Jabbar was given 15 years in jail, Jonathan Clorley got seven years and Jeremy Curran 14 years. Another gang member, Mohammed Rafique, was sentenced to 12 years. That’s a lot of time to think about how dumb they’ve been.

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