Drug Dealers Are Cutting Cocaine With Even More Fentanyl And People Are Dropping Dead Instantly


Check yourself.

Pretty much everyone does drugs sometimes and the scary thing is that you literally have no idea where they came from or what’s in them, except for the fact that maybe you and the guy are ‘cool’ or he sold you ‘the good stuff’ for £20 extra.

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The sad truth is that you’re probably never getting pure cocaine and that’s just a fact of life, but you’ve gotta try and make sure – although I have no idea how – that dealers aren’t cutting it with fentanyl, as this can cause you to literally drop dead instantly. Fentanyl is a synthetic opiate that is prescribed for severe pain in cancer sufferers, but for those that have no tolerance for it and are consuming it as cocaine it can be deadly.

37% of cocaine related overdoses in New York City in 2017 were fentanyl related, so you might be wondering why drug dealers keep cutting their blow with it. The answer is threefold as a Chicago dealer explains:


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It’s mixed in everything, it’s in the cocaine, it’s in the heroin, it’s in the pills. That’s why people are dropping dead.

We mix fentanyl with the cocaine to make it better, and to make the junkies come back faster.

So there you go, it makes it better and gets them hooked so they spend more money. Don’t worry about the fact it kills people as long as it makes them some more money. I suppose in fairness there is that phrase I heard a drug dealer use once ‘as long as there are drugs, there are junkies’ so it doesn’t matter if a few of them pop their clogs because it’s not gonna affect anything too much. Those are just the rules of the games.

The good news though is that this doesn’t seem to be a problem over here yet. Although police have already detected fentanyl in a couple of heroin related deaths in this country, there hasn’t been any link to cocaine yet so you can ‘safely’ order your packet on a Saturday night and be reassured that that first line probably won’t be the death of you. It’s probably only a matter of time before someone decides differently though. Stay vigilant.

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