Drug Dealers Are Now Using Carrier Pigeons To Transport Ecstasy Across Borders

Pigeon Ecstasy

Good idea.

Whilst it never exactly seems that difficult to get your hands on drugs in this country, you’ve gotta think that drug lords are finding it more and more difficult to get their products across borders as police and special task forces allegedly try and ‘clamp down’ on the drug problem.

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It seems like borders are becoming so much of a problem that some drug dealers are resorting to moving their stash over them via a new method: carrier pigeon. We know this because a pigeon was recently arrested – yes, formally arrested – by police on the Kuwait/Iraq border with 200 ecstasy tablets attached to its back.

I’m not sure how the border patrol managed to capture the pigeon – maybe they had a tip off or it was just acting suspicious or something – but they took it into custody and are now investigating. Apparently they found the bird flying above a building conveniently near the Kuwait border patrol, which sounds a bit weird as surely you would make the bird cross the border as far away from a building like this as possible? Maybe the dealers are getting cocky or the bird wanted to turn itself in? I really don’t know.

Pigeon Ecstasy 2

Anyway, apparently the technique is being used more and more in the region to smuggle drugs around and I’m not surprised because I bet it’s usually fairly effective if the birds aren’t complete and utter idiots. What I am kind of surprised about though is the fact that there’s even demand for ecstasy in that part of the world – are there loads of sick underground raves that people party at or something? Definitely wasn’t aware there was a scene down there.

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