Pigeons Wearing Tiny Little Hard Hats Discovered In Russia

Pigeon In Hard Hat

Why has someone created little hard hats for pigeons? We don’t know but it’s pretty cute.

If you are a regular reader at Sick Chirpse you will be aware that we are in complete awe of some of the amazingly weird and wonderful things that seem to go on over in Russia.

This next one is a combination of completely weird, really cute and why the hell would you bother? Firstly, why the hell would you bother to make a little hat for a pigeon and secondly why the hell is it worth putting on television news? Must have been a slow news day (much like today at Sick Chirpse har har har) but you’ve gotta admit the pigeon sure does look cute in its little hard hat.

Anyway there doesn’t seem to be any information available as to why this has happened so I guess it was just some weird Russian person being bored and thought it would be funny. It happened in Petrazovadosk though which is a really grim town that I randomly played a punk rock show in. It had a huge frozen lake and a bunch of cars with flat tyres from what I remember and there didn’t seem like there was a lot going on there so I guess my theory that this was done by some bored Russian people checks out.

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