Police Are Pleading With People To Stop Making Fun Of This Drug Dealer’s Mugshot

The internet can be a ruthless place.

The gentleman in the featured image above is Orlando Lopez, who was recently pulled over on a North Carolina motorway and discovered to have 98 grams of coke and 35 grams of meth on him.

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As you can see he’s obviously had some kind of traumatic head injury and had a part of his skull removed, so I have no idea what Robeson County police department were thinking when they uploaded his mugshot onto their Facebook page. Did they not think everyone was going to immediately start ripping the piss out of him?

That’s what happened, of course:

If you laughed at any of those comments, congratulations – you’re going to hell. Others didn’t see the funny side:

I really doubt the Sherrif’s department didn’t see this one coming as anyone who’s ever spent any time on the internet knows what a ruthless place it can be, especially when it comes to mugshots of criminals. Having your mugshot shared online and getting ripped by strangers on the internet might actually be worse than the prison time itself. But I guess if you can’t do the time/handle the banter from the internet’s most ruthless, don’t do the crime.

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