Drug Charity Tells Cocaine Users To Use Colour Coded Straws To Avoid Coronavirus

Good idea I guess?

Here’s your latest stupid Coronavirus update – because let’s be honest at this point most updates about it are next level dumb – as drug charity in Scotland is circulating flyers advising cocaine and ketamine users how best to do the drugs to avoid spreading the virus.

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I suppose there is some good in telling drug users how to do drugs responsibly, but it’s always amusing to see people acknowledging that people are doing drugs because you know, they’re illegal and the company line is just not to do them period. So when the government puts out a poster like the one below, it’s gonna get a big belly laugh from me, no two ways about it:

Ridiculous. If anyone knows anyone who’s doing drugs then I can pretty much guarantee that they’re not gonna give a shit about washing their hands for 20 seconds before or whether or not they’re sharing snorting paraphernalia or not because they’re either gonna be a) desperate to get that first hit or b) completely spangled on drugs after that first hit.

It’s great to think that there’s some of I don’t know ‘middle class’ drug user out there that’s all posh and clean and does everything by the rules, but the reality of the matter is that there isn’t If you don’t want to get coronavirus then you should probably just not do drugs, or quarantine yourself in your house or any of the other ridiculous advice that the government seems to be giving us all.

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