Woman Who Drove Over The Pavement Forced To Wear Idiot Sign At Intersection In Cleveland

Cleveland Woman Idiot Sign

As far as punishment as a deterrent goes, I think this works way better than a fine or some points on your licence.

Cleveland Woman Idiot Sign

This is one of the most awesome punishments ever. Instead of just giving them a fine and some points on their licence (or whatever the US equivalent is, if there is a US equivalent?) this judge made this dumb bitch in Cleveland stand at the intersection where she had repeatedly committed her dangerous driving offences. How’s that for an awesome punishment? I can’t think of anything worse than being surrounded by people pointing and laughing at me for being an idiot because I’m wearing a sign that says I’m an idiot. Actually I can think of a bunch of things that are way worse than that but in terms of embarrassment it’s gonna be pretty high. It was by a school during the time when all the kids were heading in as well and it’s probably pretty annoying seeing a bunch of kids squawking and laughing at you and being unable to do ANYTHING whatsoever about it.

The woman in question was Shena Hardin, some 32 year old idiot (lolz) from Cleveland who was filmed driving on the sidewalk. It’s OK for me to say sidewalk because I’m talking about an incident in an American city, OK? I would never say anything like that about something that happened in England. Anyway, apparently she would drive on the sidewalk every day to get past the school bus, which is obviously really stupid behaviour as there are gonna be kids hanging out near a school bus because they are the only people that get on and off a school bus, so this woman could easily hit a kid and kill them.

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So yeah, as well as fining Shena and suspending her licence for 30 days (that’s way worse somewhere like Cleveland than somewhere in the UK because you literally have to drive EVERYWHERE in America) and fining her $250, the cool Cleveland judge made her stand at a really busy intersection in Cleveland for half an hour on two days with a sign saying ‘Only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus.’ Man, she is going to look stoooooopid. This is gonna be the kind of joke that just never goes away and will be brought up at family parties, wedding and funerals for the rest of Shena’s life. It’ll probably be the inscription on her tombstone too.

I’m all for punishments that make the offender look fvcking stupid, they’re cool and like I said a really good deterrent. I guess it might be a good way to make friends too if you get busted for smoking pot. Here’s a video of Shena Hardin driving on the sidewalk (it’s OK to say it already!) which got her into this mess, and getting immediately pulled over by the cops afterwards which is really cool. Especially when you get the commentary of the bus driver making the video as well. Unfortunately there isn’t any video of her idiot walk yet as it’s happening next week, but if there is I’ll try and post it on Sick Chirpse for everyone to enjoy. Remember: drive safely.

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