A Driver High On LSD Said He Crashed His Car To Avoid Hitting An Octopus


Sure dude.

Everyone knows that when you trip on LSD you’re almost certainly going to hallucinate and see a bunch of things that aren’t actually there and that’s why people aren’t going to believe you when you say you crashed your car to move out the way of an octopus in the road. There’s no way that octopus was really there, man.

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This was the excuse that a 49 year old driver (49 – that’s a bit old for doing acid hey?) used after he was arrested on the A381 between Malborough and South Milton in Devon after his vehicle was found upside down in a ditch. Whilst octopuses do exist in that part of the country – well in the sea around there anyway – the critter would have had to crawl 5km from the nearest body of water to get to the motorway so it was decided that they guy was just tripping.

Here’s what a spokeswoman from Devon and Cornwall Police said:


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He did a bit of a slow roll into a ditch.

An ambulance went out and the driver was checked over by paramedics but there weren’t injuries enough to go to hospital.

Yeah probably a bit of a hint that he didn’t swerve to get out of the way of the octopus by the fact that he just did a slow roll into a ditch. Just saying.

Anyway, the dude was arrested on suspicion of drug driving and bailed pending further investigation. Doesn’t really sound like they’re going to have to do much else on this one though, especially when that toxicology test rolls back in. Guy was clearly off his face.

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