Driver Looks Into Fuel Tank With Lighter; Sets Entire Petrol Station On Fire

Driver Using Lighter To See Sets Petrol Station Alight


Even if you haven’t seen Zoolander, I’m fairly sure that most people know that it’s not a good idea to mess around with naked flames at a petrol station, unless you actually want to end up painfully killing yourself and everyone around you. It’s just a dumb idea basically.

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Unfortunately, somehow not everyone in the world is aware of this, as the following video makes painfully aware. Apparently it’s filmed in the city of Taraz, in south-central Jambyl, Kazakhstan.

It involves a guy standing on top of a vehicle, trying to fill a canister with fuel. He can’t see what’s in there and uses his lighter to see if it’s full. Instead he ends up setting the whole petrol station and some other cars on fire. Nice move, asshole (sorry about the weird music on the video, it was all I could find):

That probably wasn’t quite as much carnage as you might expect from someone setting a petrol station on fire, but apparently it was only diesel that he was filling his tank up with – if it had been petrol then the results would actually have been catastrophic. Looks like they kinda dodged a bullet there.

The white foam you see at the end is someone using a fire extinguisher to put out the rest of the remaining flames and it’s thought that nobody was injured after the petrol station staff acted quickly to sort out the situation. Thank God for them eh?

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