The Drive Soundtrack Is Being Re-Released On Vinyl For Its 5th Anniversary

Drive 5th Anniversary

Hey girl.

It pretty much goes without saying that Drive wouldn’t even be half the movie that it was if it didn’t include its iconic soundtrack – I mean you can’t even picture Ryan Gosling smouldering there without ‘A Real Hero”s throbbing synths in the background can you? (don’t worry, you can listen to it below) – so it makes sense that the 5th anniversary of the movie would be honoured via a vinyl release of its soundtrack rather than a DVD or something.

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The record labels Invada and Lakeshore have a teamed up for the vinyl, which will feature new artwork that you can see above and liner notes from composer Cliff Martinez and director Nicolas Winding Refn about the making of the movie and its soundtrack. It’ll be available from September 30th to December 31st, so maybe buy it as a Christmas present for that girl you like.

You know she’s going to enjoy it, and probably picture the two of you having sex when she listens to it. Make sure she owns a vinyl player first though before you go making any rash decisions.

If you don’t believe us about the Drive soundtrack for some reason (are you insane?), check out the uproar that went down when the BBC showed a version of it with a new soundtrack specially created by Zane Lowe. I mean someone really thought that was a good idea?


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