The BBC Is Showing Drive Next Week Without Its Original Soundtrack And One Scored By Zane Lowe Instead


The internet has been left shocked and butthurt after the BBC’s announcement.

The internet has been left shocked and butthurt after the BBC’s announcement that they’ll be screening Drive on BBC 3 next Thursday but the original soundtrack won’t be appearing and instead one chosen by Zane Lowe will grace the motion picture instead.

I might not have been the biggest fan of Drive when it was first released but I recognise that the soundtrack was incredibly awesome and fitted the movie perfectly, as I’m pretty sure 100% of people who saw it did. Kavinsky, College and Cliff Martinez’s score provided the perfect backdrop to Ryan Gosling’s broody psychopath.

So why the hell would the BBC think that it was a good idea to re-score the movie? Did they not read any reviews of it or ask anyone who liked it why they enjoyed it so much? Evidently not. And could they not have picked someone less annoying than Zane Lowe to do this because you just know he’s gonna pick all the crappy ‘hip’ at the moment bands to be involved with it, don’t you?

I knew that before I even read that The 1975BastilleBring Me The HorizonCHVRCHESEric PrydzFoals, and Laura Mvula would be involved and made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. In fairness it’s kind of cool that they’re all making new songs for the project but at the same time it just seems completely unnecessary and pointless when the movie already exists and a lot of people already think it’s a masterpiece, mainly because of that soundtrack.

Zane Lowe

Zane Lowe tried to defend himself yesterday but just sounded like a butthurt loser:

I’ve read some messages from people who are either confused or angry about #R1Drive. It’s important to say that nobody is trying to improve here. This experiment comes from a place of respect. We have not steamrolled in. NWR and the film company have been into it since the start.

It’s a parallel experience that you can choose to watch or not. But understand we are not trying to replace or improve the original… just be inspired. That said it’s really, really good.

Hmm, that doesn’t really convince me to tune in, how about you? I suppose I might out of curiosity’s sake but I really can’t see it being anything but terrible – hopefully so bad that it turns into one of those cult movies everyone loves because they’re so terrible.

Whilst we all wonder what the hell we’ve done to deserve this, check out this video of Zane Lowe getting sent home at Glastonbury a couple of years ago with his tail between his legs because he dissed Beyonce.


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