These Dresses Record Groping To Prove How Much Women Get Harassed In Clubs



It never ceases to amaze me how much unwanted attention my female friends seem to always receive whenever they go out anywhere because sometimes it seems like there’s no way that it can be true because it’s so excessive and outrageous.

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Obviously I believe them because you can’t not really as they have no reason to make any of this up, but for anyone who wants to try and call them out on it these new dresses are going to provide stone cold evidence that is impossible to deny. They were developed by advertising agency Ogilvy who then put them on three women and sent them off into the night to see what happened which you can see in the video below.

In case you hadn’t guessed, the results are suitably grim:

OK so obviously there are couple of things about that that need to be debunked first. Obviously it’s just a very smart advert for Schweppes (if slightly cynical) and it’s also set in Brazil which is undoubtedly a country that is perhaps not as woke to this issue (for lack of a better phrase) as some of the others out there, but even so this video is still fairly rank and highlights what an epidemic this behaviour is out there in clubs and bars.

I mean the fact all three of them were touched on average every five minutes by different people is pretty repulsive when you think about it. Hopefully this video will do remind people out there that this kind of behaviour is definitely not welcome or OK.

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