Drake Drops New TikTok Music Video From Unbelievable Quarantine Mansion

It’s basically the best episode of MTV Cribs ever.

What little effort Drake has put into the content and lyricism of new song ‘Tootsie Roll’, he’s made up for by releasing a topical music video for it set in his massive new $6.7m Toronto mansion.

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It’s basically the best episode of MTV Cribs ever, and he’s managed to pull it off while clearly practicing all the right quarantine precautions as well (well maybe his cameraman could stayed a bit further back but otherwise OK):

Jesus. Imagine being quarantined in a yard like that? I don’t know if I’d be doing that stupid dance like Drake but I’d definitely be checking out that trophy room, those Kobe Bryant jerseys, the massive hallways and marble kitchen, the studio with portraits of Snoop & Tupac on the wall, and that swimming pool that looks like a damn optical illusion. Holy shit is Drake’s house the bollocks. And then maybe shoot some fireworks in the garden like he did at the end, why not?

The fact he put this on TikTok and started a viral dance challenge while everyone’s quarantined up is just another reminder of what a marketing genius this guy is. Drake gets a lot of hate for being cringey and a wannabe gangster but you can’t deny the man just keeps on winning.

Just the other day, he had 300,000 tuning in to watch him host a quarantine Twerk party on Instagram Live. Putting the time to good use, clearly.


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