Drake Bought A Ridiculous $62000 Watch That Has A Working Roulette Wheel In It

I’ll put 100 on red.

In the age of smartphones, people don’t really need watches but it’s a good way of letting everyone know you’re rolling in the dough if you can afford to wear an expensive one.

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Take Drake for example – this week he bought a Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino: a watch that contains a fully-functional roulette wheel complete with white ball that skitters around it:

No idea how you’re supposed to tell the time on that thing but it’s so ridiculously OTT and unnecessarily extravagant that I actually kind of love it. Which means I must have good taste in watches because Drake bought one for himself for a monstrous $620,000.

In case you’re wondering, the Astronomia Casino sits in a 28mm 18k rose gold/sapphire crystal case and as well as the push-activated ceramic ball and working roulette table, features a double-axis tourbillon, magnesium lacquered globe, and a Roman numeral display with a one-carat 288-facet Jacob-cut diamond. No idea what half that stuff is but it sure sounds great doesn’t it?

Drake shared photos on IG of a meeting he had with Jacob & Co founder and chairman Jacob Arabo:

As long as he figures out how to tell the time on it (the primary function of a watch you would think), then I hope Drake enjoys his purchase. He could literally be hanging out with his friends anywhere and they could all start gambling and having a whale of a time just by staring at Drake’s watch. Oh to be rich and famous!

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