Drake Calls Out Fan For Groping Woman In The Front Row Of His Gig


Need more artists like this.

The extent that women are exposed to sexual harassment and abuse has really been highlighted in the past couple of months in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein thing, and more and more male celebrities are trying to do something to improve the situation.

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This is highlighted in this video from superstar rapper Drake, who was performing at an afterparty in Sydney last night. He stopped a song halfway through to call out an offender in the first row who had been groping several women:

Yeah, go Drake. It’s sad that we have to celebrate events like this and they aren’t the norm (I mean the calling out obviously, not the fact that dudes were groping women), but hopefully the recents conversations that have been happening in the media can mean that they are going to become less necessary in the future. We can but hope.

For more Drake, check out this nasty story a groupie shared about hooking up with him in his mansion. Maybe he isn’t so great.


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