Dozens Of Kids Storm Fence At Lollapalooza, Guards Only Manage To Stop Guy With Prosthetic Leg

Good work.

There are times in a security guard’s life where they literally have to accept that they can’t do anything and just let the chaos unfold and one of those times is featured in the video below. Kinda.

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The video comes courtesy of the Lollapalooza festival over in Chicago this weekend, where a whole bunch of your favourite music superstars like Tenacious D, Ariana Grande and Twenty One Pilots were performing. Unfortunately, the high price of tickets meant that some kids were priced out of attending, so instead they all decided to run at the fence together and jump over, probably inspired by the upcoming Area 51 raid.

And the security guards literally did nothing and just let them do it. I guess there is some logic in the idea that if everyone storms them at once then you won’t be able to stop everyone. Sadly though, one guy with a prosthetic leg was the unluckiest guy in the world as security decided that they could probably stop him because he wasn’t going to able to outrun them. It doesn’t get any easier hey?

The video is actually really funny but you can’t help but feel sorry for the guy with one leg:

See? Don’t feel too bad for that guy though, because in a ridiculous plot twist to bookend this story, the guy with the prosthetic leg somehow managed to blag a free backstage ticket and meet Rich The Kid and watch some of the bands from the side of the stage. Probably literally happened because of the video, so what does that teach us in 2019? As long as you’re disabled it’s OK to try and break into festivals? Still struggling with the moral of this one.


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Looks like he’s having a completely sick time and there’s still more stupidity to come from this story with the official statement from the organisers of Lollapalooza, who decided to deny that anyone broke into the festival at all. Don’t worry about the footage of people breaking into the festival that’s all over social media or anything guys.

Yeah what complete idiots. I suppose they’re just going for the Donald Trump method of saying stuff and just hoping that everyone believes it even if there’s clear evidence that it’s completely and utterly wrong. Guess it’s working for him.

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