Dozens Of Bricks Of Pure Cocaine Keep Washing Up On Beaches In Fiji


Police are advising not to open them.

I reckon Fiji is already a fairly popular tourist destination with millenials/Generation Y because of its beautiful landscape and (fairly) cheap prices, but it’s sure to attract even more now with the news that bricks of pure cocaine keep watching up on its shores.

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The news came courtesy of Police Commissioner Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho.

It was dumped out there at sea destined for some other place.

We are working with our Australian counterparts with the capabilities that they have, for us to further investigate that area of the ocean where we think things might have been dumped.

With regards to the cocaine, we continuously look around for information in that regard, we are visiting the islands and talking to the turaga ni koro and leaders that any information they have, to contact us immediately.

We urge members of the public not to try to open because it is dangerous to do so. This is cocaine in its purest form as we’ve mentioned before so their safety is also our concern.

As of this morning, we received information of more discoveries in the Yasawa group and also in the Bua area in Vanua Levu. So our officers will be sent over to get the packages which will be sent for analysis to confirm whether they are the same. But the packaging is the same.


Sounds like a real problem up there for everyone and it really does sound like the police have got the best interests of the people there as their main priority. DEFINITELY don’t open them or do anything that’s in them. Hand them all over because we need them for ‘analysis’. This pure cocaine. Everything is above board with this, of course.

Apparently some locals already found some bricks as well. Not sure if they handed them in or decided to start their own little drug empire or just whack it in the basement for the next time there’s a big rugby match. I know what I would be doing. Hope they manage to catch the killers regardless of all that though.

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