Downing Street Reveals There Are No Plans For A Day Off To Celebrate The Royal Wedding

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If you haven’t been on the internet or outside today or spoken to anyone, then you might have missed the news that Prince Harry has asked actress Meghan Markle to marry him.

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Obviously the whole nation was ecstatic about this because you know, falling in love and marriage and all that good stuff, but I’m sure the mood will be slightly shook after the announcement that there are currently no plans to give everyone the day off to celebrate it. If you remember, back when Prince William married Kate Middleton back in 2011 the whole nation was given the day off to celebrate.

Prince Harry Meghan

For some reason though, a spokesman from Downing Street has just released a statement saying that there is no precedent for a national holiday for a royal wedding. They also confirmed that they had no current plans in place to try and make this happen. Fantastic news.

I’m not sure if this might end up changing because there’s sure to be a massive public outcry about this, but it seems like the current incumbent government is pretty good at ignoring what the public wants and just digging their heels in and doing whatever the hell they want, even if it’s completely dumb. Can probably see this issue falling into that category, but hey we’ll wait and see – maybe 2018 will be a better year.

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