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Doug Richard has been found not guilty of having sex with a 13 year old girl, even though he admitted to having sex with her. He got off because he alleged at the time that he thought she was 17.

A jury of eight men and four women took four hours and 15 minutes before finding Richard not guilty. A visibly emotional Richard wept on the stand as the verdict was announced and then left the court in tears. Either he really was distraught about the whole thing or he has a damn good acting coach.

We’ve written a couple of posts about the trial already, but what we didn’t say was that Richard had admitted he was obsessed with 50 Shades Of Grey, which is kinda funny because I thought only bored middle aged housewives read that crap:

As mortifying as it is to say, I was looking for role play and fantasy relationships involving dominance and submission.

I would never “knowingly” have sex with a child though.

I feel terrible. I feel terrible for her and I feel terrible about myself. I feel terrible for my wife and children.

The court heard the following about the days leading up to their encounter, where he ordered her to be a slave, spanked her seven times, made her perform oral sex on him and then finally had sex with her:

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Richard suggested they meet after school in December 2014.

He also asked her for a sexy photograph with “less clothing more revealing positions”.

He instructed her to do a “submissive pose” on hands and knees “so I can see you helpless and exposed”, adding: “By the way I’m officially horny.”

She told him she was doing it “now” saying: “You are my new daddy I will do anything to keep you happy.”

When she asked about what kind of punishment he would give her, he said that he wanted to “paddle her ass until it’s bright red”

What a horn dog. Apparently the jury were convinced that he didn’t actually know how old she was. I suppose there must have been proof of this in their correspondence, although it hasn’t officially been mentioned.

If not, it really does add a whole new aspect to legal defences. ‘Oh, I didn’t know that though’ isn’t exactly the best defence, but it seems like it works. Especially if you’re a multimillionaire Dragon.

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