Douchebag Biker Forces Teen To Take Off His ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Vest In Public (VIDEO)

This guy takes the biker life way too seriously.

Ever seen those “stolen valour” videos where some army dude spots a random guy wearing full army get-up and basically exposes him as an impostor and dresses him down in front of the whole world?

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This is the biker version I suppose, except this guy is a fucking loser who takes the biker life way too seriously:

I guess hardcore bikers don’t really like ‘Sons of Anarchy’ because maybe it doesn’t represent their lifestyle in the way they’d like, but come on – who gives a shit if this kid wants to wear a ‘Sons of Anarchy’ vest (that his girlfriend bought him no less)? Surely if you’re a real bad-ass biker you wouldn’t care less.

Just a shame it didn’t end in a Zoolander-style petrol fight. Speaking of which, get a load of this real-life GTA petrol station gun-fight.


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