‘Beast Of Kavos’ Who Raped Seven British Women Posts Creepy Selfies After His Release

Watch out for this guy.

A serial rapist nicknamed the Beast of Kavos after he preyed on British girls in Corfu has been set free 43 years early, having served barely 9 years of his 52 year sentence.

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Local weirdo Dimitris Aspiotis was handed the longest sentence ever given for rape in a Greek court back in 2012. It looks like they quietly released him sometime this year which is pretty amazing considering the severity of his crimes. 

Dimitris has asked the naysayers not to worry though, because he has a girlfriend now. As he told the Mirror:

I have met a girl and only think of her now. I am not allowed to leave Corfu, but they let me see her on Paxos.

He also apologised, for what it’s worth:

I am so sorry. To make it not happen I would do anything.

He’s now out and about posting selfies including this rapey one with 2 girls in the background. Via The Sun:

And this one of him behind the bar – let’s hope he’s not actually serving the drinks:

Dimitris had initially begged the judge for leniency upon being sentenced, saying he was “ugly”. Yeah, great excuse:

Forcing myself on them was the only way I could secure physical contact with women.

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The details of his attacks are also pretty pathetic. Kayleigh Morgan (above), who was subjected to a 14-hour ordeal with the creep, told The Sunday People:

He would tell me in broken English, ‘Come on, it is not terrible, I am not a bad man. If you do not resist it will be better.’

He would ask, ‘Is it good? Say yes’.

A person like that can never change and now I’m in the face terrified he’ll do what he did to me again to more victims. 

When I heard he was out I was in complete shock.

Apparently the previous Greek government passed a law that allows sentences to be cut dramatically for good behaviour and working in prison, so let’s hope the new government elected this past July sorts that out (they’ve already condemned the law).

Pretty insane that Dimitris was released earlier this year and the Greek authorities never warned anyone or even let them know ahead of summer when Kavos gets completely rammed. I guess announcing that the most notorious rapist in Greece has gone free four decades early isn’t really that great for tourism.

For the genius who decided to get a ‘Greggs’ tattoo in Kavos, click HERE.


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