This Double Murderer Is Asking For A Jury That Won’t Judge Him By His Looks

Looks innocent if you ask me.

The defense lawyer for a man accused in a double-homicide is seeking jurors who won’t be prejudiced against the defendant just because he has a shit ton of terrifying tattoos on his face.

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The Advocate reports that William Bottoms Jr., 29, of Greenwell Springs, Louisiana, is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting deaths of two men — Dedrick Dewayne Williams, 23, and Mohamed Sead Hussain, 29.

The two victims:

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East Baton Rouge Parish Assistant District Attorney Dana Cummings didn’t mention Bottoms’ tattoos as she questioned the first panel of 14 potential jurors, but when it was time for Bottoms’ lawyer to question the panel, he wasted no time bringing up the topic.

His lawyer Jarvis Antwine explained that he’s looking for jurors who won’t hold his client in a negative light based on the vast amounts of ink on his face, and apparently the majority of the 14 potential jurors have assured they have no problem with it.

The bodies of Williams and Hussain were found June 1, 2017, in the back seat of a car in the rural St. Helena Parish community of Grangeville. Each man had been shot in the head and their bodies were covered by a sheet.

Bottoms’ girlfriend at the time, Megan Marie Gaylord, is scheduled to testify for the prosecution.

Good on the prospective jurors  being open-minded about the whole thing and not automatically assuming Bottoms is guilty because of his face tattoos. After all there are plenty of people out there with similar tattoos who don’t go around killing people and dumping their bodies in the back seats of cars. They usually work in the tattoo industry, or the circus or some kind of exhibitionist industry. But… (and not to generalise) a bunch of these dudes with “please don’t employ me” face tattoos are also certified gangsters and neo-Nazis.

So in conclusion I know they say you should never judge a book by its cover, but sometimes the cover is one of the best ways to judge a book. Let’s just say I’d have a hard time sitting on the jury for this one.

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