These Two Total Strangers Randomly Met On The Plane And They Look EXACTLY THE SAME

What are the chances?

32 year old Glaswegian Neil Douglas boarded a Ryanair flight from Stansted to Galway earlier this week, and was gobsmacked to be sat next to a mystery Londoner who looked EXACTLY like him.

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He absolutely had to capture the moment in selfie form, and it’s blowing up since he put it on Twitter. I mean just look at these two — separated at birth or what? They’re even wearing similar tops:

The two of them later found they were booked into the same Irish hotel and had a pint together. Nice.

The question is where do you go from here if you’re either of these guys? Surely they’ve got to have a sneaky suspicious that they’re genuinely long lost twins or something? It’s at least worth looking into. I mean yeah everyone has a dollelganger or 2 out there but this is just ridiculous. They just look way too similar. And how do two people who look that similar get randomly sat next to each other on a plane? It’s some kind of sign from the universe I tell you. Time travellers maybe? Fuck knows.

P.S. Ever seen Leo DiCaprio’s Russian doppelgänger? Guy looks like a total wreckhead.


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