Don’t Worry About The Little Things In Life Because You Might Die At Any Given Minute

Car Crash

Everyone just needs to stop getting so stressed out all of the time. You’re going to die someday and that day may be closer than you think, so just chill yeah?

Car Crash

Worry, stress, anxiety, panic. I’m sure we all experience some of life’s more unpleasant emotions from time to time. Whether that’s stressing out about an upcoming exam you have that you think will determine the rest of your life, or the fact that you don’t have this month’s rent money and you already owe your Landlord half for last month’s, or just that you’ve just got a massive feeling of dread and panic running through your veins that’s slowly building in intensity as the closer the clock ticks towards Monday morning. It’s normal, we all stress and worry sometimes (some more than most), but seriously now, everyone just needs to stop worrying so much because the harsh reality is that any of us may die at any given moment.

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Yeah OK sure, it’s not like people you know are dropping dead everyday of the week (unless you’re having a really bad week), but there are almost 7 billion of us on this earth and it’s estimated that over 160,000 people die each and every day. Who’s to say you’re not next? Who’s to say you’re not going to pop your clogs on your way to Pret-a-Manger this lunch time? It might happen, it might not. But if it does, you’ll be kicking yourself that you spent so long stressing out about that stupid exam that you can just re-take in Summer anyways.

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Now I don’t want this post to encourage you all to go and start living like it’s your last day on earth, because that’s how psychopaths and arseholes are born. You gotta keep your shit together, but just don’t let the little things get to you. For example, the ladies who are riding in the car in the video below were probably stressed out only hours before over not having a clean bra to wear, or that they were in a rush to leave home and couldn’t spend their normal amount of time getting ready, or maybe  they’d run out of bread so could only eat one slice instead of two for breakfast. It doesn’t matter what they were stressing about, because the fact of the matter is that it really didn’t matter, as it was set in stone that a few hours later they would be facing the Grim Reaper. Do they die? I don’t think so, but they come bloody close. The point is that if the world decides that it’s your time to go, you’re gone son, so stop worrying about the little things are start appreciating the bigger picture.

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