Don’t Worry – Shreddies’ New Packaging Is Claiming They Are 100% Vegan And Always Will Be

Vegan Shreddies

Wait, what?

The vegan revolution continues to plough on and it’s getting so huge now that even products that have always obviously been vegan are now proudly displaying their credentials on their packaging.

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I don’t know if when you thought of Shreddies – or Shredded Wheat as they’re also known – you thought of a dish that was full of beef and cheese or what, but I certainly didn’t. I suppose I didn’t think of them as a specifically vegan cuisine – I guess normally you would add milk to them though so fair – but nevertheless, their new packaging has decided to highlight the fact that they’re vegan and always have been.

Look at the state of this:

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for vegan products and people eating that stuff, but I think that this is a massive faux pas on behalf of whoever does the marketing for Shreddies to lead with the vegan sloganeering. Sure, whilst it’s more woke and on point with current trends I think it’s going to do way more harm than good because of how triggered those who hate vegans in this country are these days.

I mean look at all the people boycotting Greggs for introducing a vegan sausage roll. Whilst Greggs probably reaped the benefits of that because it was a new product that people came and purchased, I don’t think the same is going to happen with Shreddies because everyone with a brain is going to have known they were vegan in the first place. On the other hand, the amount of hatred they’re going to endure from the anti-vegan brigade is likely to lead to people boycotting their products and venting at them all over social media and I just can’t see it having an overall positive effect on their sales or brand image.

I’m just saying but that seems to me how it’s gonna go down, despite what some may see as bravery on their part. Please leave a comment telling me what you think about it all.

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