For The First Time, A ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ Couple Have Decided Not To Marry

Don't Tell The Bride


‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ has been a staple of British television for a long time now, as there’s nothing better than watching some clueless idiot screw everything up as he desperately tries to organise the wedding day of his wife’s dreams. It’s just classic entertainment.

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Despite the fact that the guy inevitably manages to complete and utterly mess up the big day beyond all recognition every week, the couple do always end up getting married and making the best of it. That’s just love for you folks – although perhaps not any more as in a series first, one couple decided not to go through with the big day and tie the knot.

Sofia was desperate for a beach wedding, but her partner Craig decided to plan an Oktoberfest style wedding complete with lederhosen at a brewery. Needless to say, Sofia wasn’t happy with the venue – or her dress – at all and stormed off. Craig tried to reason with her and although she returned to awkwardly say the vows for the camera – I think it’s a contractual agreement – the show revealed at its end that they had decided not to make their marriage legal. Damn.

You can see some ‘highlights’ from the show below:

Geez that was difficult to watch. Let’s hope that this doesn’t become a regular thing on ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ as it really would take the fun out of watching the show. I mean it’s only funny if they end up actually marrying each other isn’t it? Isn’t it?

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