Don’t Take Mastercard Pills If You’re Going Raving This Weekend

Mastercard Pills

Avoid at all costs.

Over the bank holiday, a lot of people were getting mashed up and having a blast but it unfortunately ended in tragedy for one 17 year old girl up in Manchester who took a Mastercard pill and died in hospital on Monday. She had previously been taken ill at a club night the previous day called ‘Don’t Let Daddy Know’, in Trafford’s Victoria Warehouse.

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Since then, police have warned anyone that’s taken a Mastercard pill – the ones you can see above that are pink with a line down the middle  – should seek medical attention immediately. If the police are even warning you to get help then you know it’s bad. They’re not trying to arrest you here they’re just worried for your life.

The reason that these pills are so bad for you is that they’re no longer containing MDMA – the active ingredient in ecstasy tablets – but instead are now containing PNA. I don’t know why this is because PNA acts like an anti depressant so you don’t get any of the buzz that comes with doing ecstasy, but if you do too much of it then it can lead to tachycardia, hypothermia, convulsions and hallucinations.

Mastercard Pills

So basically you get one of these shit pills, they don’t work, so you go and get another one and then have an absolutely shit time and might even die. Apparently PNA is even more dangerous when combined with real MDMA and cocaine, so even if you go back and get the good stuff then you’ve still got a chance of getting completely fucked up and not in the way that you’re imagining.

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Just steer clear of Mastercard pills basically, and if you’re buying ecstasy to go raving make sure you do it off a reputable dealer (or at least as reputable as you can be when you’re a drug dealer) and not the shady guy in the corner selling the cheap stuff. Not worth it.

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