‘Don’t Breathe’ Looks Like It Could Be The Scariest Movie Of The Year

Don't Breathe

Looking forward to this one.

‘Don’t Breathe’ is the brainchild of the creators of ‘Evil Dead’ and it looks like it might enjoy the same kind of notoriety that the much loved movie series has had since its release way back when.

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It’s the story of three wannabe thieves who hear that a blind man in their neighbourhood is sitting on a wad of cash and so set out to rob his house. Unfortunately for them, this blind guy turns out to be a complete psychopath and decides to trap them in his house while he hunts them down and kills/tortures them. Pretty unlucky:

Oof. What the hell was that girl doing tied up in the basement eh? Seriously though, that doesn’t look like a fun time getting trapped in a house with a blind guy, especially when he turned all the lights off at the end as well.

I can see this probably being even scarier and more messed up than ‘Evil Dead’ because this is something that could actually happen to you in real life (if you’re willing to rob a blind guy of course). Looking forward to this one.

If that isn’t doing it for you for whatever reason though, there’s also a new ‘Saw’ movie coming out this year.


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