Donald Trump’s Weirdly Long Tie Makes Him Feel Better About His Tiny Willy

Looks like someone’s overcompensating.

During the run up to Donald Trump’s presidency, his campaign took a bizarre turn when Marco Rubio highlighted the fact that Trump has small hands. And we all know what they say about guys with small hands.

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Despite his own personal assurance that he has “no problem” in that department, it appears he still feels the need to over compensate, by being an all-round prick. But don’t fret Trump, as we’ve got the solution for you – get a bigger tie.

For some reason, a lovely Imgur user decided to upload a picture of Melania and Trump at his inauguration, but in every picture his tie and Melania’s collar gets bigger. Got to love the internet:

Trump 1 Trump 2 Trump 3 Trump 4 Trump 5 Trump 6

Donald Trump – what a fucking skid mark on society. Speaking of which…


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