Donald Trump’s Twitter Feed Is What’s Wrong With The World



With over 2.2 million followers on Twitter, Donald Trump uses his massive social media platform to remind everyone how shit capitalism is when it is lived out to its exact parameters and somebody like Trump is allowed to reach the top echelons o society and expunge his retarded and bigoted opinions on anyone who will listen to them i.e. Twitter and the audience of The Apprentice USA.

With a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and coming in at number 17 on the Forbes Celebrity top 100, Trump is also celebrated hater of all things Obama and Chinese AND onto his third imported supermodel wife and as such he’s pretty much the Ultimate American Capitalist pin-up. He’s also careful to live up to every cliche in the book via his highly entertaining (in a you don’t have a clue how to be an actual human being kinda way) Twitter feed.

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In 2010, Trump declared he would to run for President in the 2012 election as the head of the Republican Party. Trump’s most passionate stances included being pro-life, anti-gay marriage, anti-foreign aid and opposing gun control. Basically hating on most people – women, gays, disadvantaged foreigners and school children, all of which are regularly discussed in his Twitter feed.

Mercifully on May 16, 2011 Trump decided he would not run for President and would pump millions of dollars into Mitt Romney’s campaign instead. There was also all this ‘Mean Girls’ style stuff where Donald was saying Obama didn’t have a birth certificate and that the people of the U.S needed to start a revolution against him. Since then President Barrack Obama continues to sweeps through the White House corridors and Trump has taken to his Twitter to divulge his inner angst like a fifteen-year-old girl.

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Let’s breakdown “You’re Fired” Trump’s Twitter Feed of late and quickly imagine the world with this spray tanned man in charge.

  • #executeSnowden
  • Screw you, Africa
  • Obama-Care is to blame for the death of James Gandolfini.
  • Iraq has stolen $20T dollars from the U.S
  • “Create education better” Miss Utah is a great role model for young girls.
  • Guns SAVE lives!
  • You can buy foreclosed property directly from the bank. (Yay!)
  • China, Russia, the Middle East and Mexico VS US
  • No more Modern Family on T.VIs this a world that you want to live in? Nodding your head like, yeah? Follow Trump on Twitter, go to Macy’s, buy one of Trump’s new suit ties and hang yourself with it.

Although entertaining in a laughing at it kind of way but in no way believing it, surely those of us not completely bat-crazy drunk on billions of dollars can see that his Twitter feed should be downloaded, printed into mini-pamphlets and distributed throughout all the middle class communities as a reminder of how important it is to vote though? His opinions could almost be hilarious if he hadn’t managed to suck quite so much money out of the world.

Check out some more of his recent tweets below if  you don’t believe it.

Fascist Donald is OK because he cares about YOU

When your country was ‘great’ you also owned people and their children

Is it a coincidence that you all your ex-wives have massive boobs?

80% of your hair is nylon

Thanks for ruining Battle Star for me forever

I’ll give you that one…



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