Donald Trump Is Now Threatening Snoop Dogg With Jail Time

Trump Snoop

Grow up already.

Donald Trump has actually been pretty quiet in the last couple of weeks regarding all the ridiculously stupid things he normally comes out with, but it turns out he’s been saving it all up for this one.

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You might have seen Snoop Dogg’s latest music video for his track ‘Lavender’ – a still of which you can see above – where he points a gun at a blow up doll of the President and pretends to shoot it. Apparently this is enough to have the Secret Service on alert amid fears that Snoop might actually be planning an assassination attempt, so now they’re keeping tabs on him 24/7. Here’s how Trump got himself involved via Twitter:

I mean, that’s kind of a ridiculous thing to say that someone doing something in a music video could result in jail time – especially when you’ve already put the Secret Service on them – but some other people have also pointed out a couple of other ridiculous things about this tweet:

Says it all really. Trump probably needs to think about getting this picture erased from the internet too, as does Snoop if he wants to see his cool ratings spike even further in the wake of this stunt:

Lol. In all seriousness though, shouldn’t the POTUS be spending more of his time actually dealing with problems rather than worrying about which celebrities are beefing with him and the ratings for his old TV show? Is it ever going to get any better?


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