Donald Trump Has Shared A Tweet Calling Joe Biden A Paedophile


It seems like the US election trail is really hotting up in the build up to the big day at the start of November and this means that the gloves are off and Donald Trump isn’t messing around as he’s effectively labelled his opponent Joe Biden a paeodphile with his latest actions this morning.

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Trump was retweeting a tweet from a Twitter user named Conservative Girl who shared a GIF of Biden rubbing former US defence secretary Ash Carter’s wife Stephanie’s shoulders and leaning towards her to speak into her ear. Previously, people had accused Biden of acting like a creep with his actions here, but Carter herself has said there was nothing untoward about his actions and that he was just helping to calm her down as she was noticeably nervous before her husband’s White House initiation ceremony.

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Of course, that hasn’t stopped Biden’s rivals from using the image against him and Trump is now joining the list. It’s crazy that in 2020 people can legitimately call their political opponents paedophiles with no evidence whatsoever and face zero repercussions – hell, Trump will probably get elected off the back of it again – but I guess that’s just where we are as a civilisation right now and it probably isn’t going to get any better. So it goes.

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