Donald Trump Asked Sarah Palin To Endorse Him And It Completely Backfired In His Face

The Internet is ripping these two apart after Sarah Palin’s absolute shambles of an endorsement speech.

Donald Trump has done so much during his Presidential campaign to make us think that it’s secretly just one massive piss take, and that not even he believes in half of the things he’s saying and doing. For example — that weord dance routine he had those poor girls pull out in his honour last week, or the time he said Muslims should be banned from entering the US.

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The other day he revealed possibly his most baffling move yet — introducing Sarah fucking Palin onto the stage to endorse him.

As you might expect, she was an utter shambles:

What is she even on about? I think even Donald Trump was thinking “WTF have I just done?” by the time she got done flapping her gums.

Twitter reacted in typical fashion:

This comes as Palin’s oldest son was arrested in a domestic violence case in which his girlfriend said she was afraid would shoot himself with an AR-15 assault rifle. Totally justifies her views on gun laws doesn’t it?

For more insight into what a dumb-ass Sarah Palin is, check out her improvisation skills that time her teleprompter broke on live TV. Embarrassing.


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