Donald Trump Has Released A Supercut Of Him Dancing Badly To Encourage People To Vote

Four more years of memes.

Today is finally the day, as the whole world stops what they’re doing and becomes obsessed with American politics and trying to understand how their ridiculous voting system actually works.

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The questions are numerous – will Pennsylvania swing from red to blue? Where exactly is the rust belt? Will Joe Biden stay awake for the duration of the election results? And most importantly, will Trump get another four years or if it seems like he isn’t going to win, will he refuse to go gracefully into the night and instead try to stage some kind of coup? – but it looks set to be an entertaining night whatever happens and there will almost certainly be a wealth of new memes to examine when you wake up tomorrow.

Trump seems to be attempting to get in on this ahead of time though, having released a bizarre two minute supercut video of him dancing at various rallies to the tune of The Village People’s ‘YMCA’, encouraging people to vote.

Nothing really surprises me about Trump any more, but it’s absolutely crazy that his team have released this to promote their message as his dancing is absolutely awful old man out of time boogying and it looks like something the opposition would release to try and make out what an idiot he is. Take a look and enjoy:

Jesus. Four more years of this absolute bollocks. Hoping my people over in America do the right thing today and vote him out, but given how George W Bush managed to get two terms when nobody thought he would and Trump even managed to get elected in the first place, I’m not too confident. Will happily eat my words when it’s announced though. Hopefully that doesn’t take two weeks to sort out.

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