Donald Trump Reacts Furiously After Picture Of Him Becomes A Meme

It’s not exactly hard to make memes of Donald Trump because literally everything he does is a joke but the picture that you see above might have been the best one of him that has ever been produced.

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The picture appeared over the weekend and quickly went viral due to the fact that it looks like the President is clearly wearing fake tan thanks to the layer of white around his face which his hair would normally cover. Obviously Trump himself wasn’t too happy about everyone laughing at this meme and implying he tanned himself and waded in with the following explanation:

Lol of course it’s fake news, how could it not be? Not sure if anyone is believing that as it seems pretty clear that it isn’t, but even if it was I doubt anyone would really care because it’s so funny.

Anyway, here are a couple of the best memes/tweets about it too:

Heh heh heh. Donald Trump – the gift that keeps on giving. Kinda.

For more Trump, check him out hanging out with Vince Vaughn the other week. That was a weird interaction.


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