Donald Trump Just Let Slip That He Loves It When Ivanka Calls Him ‘Daddy’

Ivanka and Trump

Keepin’ it in the family.

One of the interesting asides to Donald Trump’s utterly disastrous Presidency is that he appears to actively flirt with his daughter Ivanka whenever the pair appear on TV together. I mean, the guy’s been sexualising her since she was one year old – it’s creepy to say the least.

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Anyway, their relationship just got taken up a notch on the creep levels, after Trump let slip that he likes it when Ivanka calls him “daddy”. During a tax speech in North Dakota on Wednesday afternoon, he said:

Ivanka actually said to me, “daddy, can I go with you?”. I like that.

Everyone loves Ivanka. Come up here, honey.

It’s enough to make your skin crawl. As said, this isn’t the first time their relationship has freaked people out. Let me remind you of this sinister looking photo:

Trump and Ivanka

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And this video:

Yeah that’s not right – if I were Melania I would be pissed. Then again, it looks like Melania has enough on her plate already. Just check out her photo collection.


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