Donald Trump Is Set To Surpass 8 Years Of Obama’s Travel Spending In One Year

Next level hypocrisy.

Remember when Donald Trump would rip into Barack Obama for taking too many holidays at the taxpayers’ expense?

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Well President Trump’s travel to his private club in Florida alone has cost over an estimated $20 million in his first 80 days as president, putting him on pace in his FIRST YEAR of office to surpass Obama’s spending on travel for his entire eight year presidency.

It’s not like Trump is the first politician to lie to our faces and be a giant hypocrite, but this is still pretty outrageous. On pace to spend more in one year than Obama’s entire 8 years of travel, after Tweeting things like this:

So I suppose while Trump isn’t your typical politician, in some ways he really is just like them. You just can’t rinse your predecessor for holidaying and golfing too much then outspend him in one year.

Pretty decent golfer though:

Not quite as impressive as Obama’s 40-foot chip shot though.


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