Donald Trump Invites Lil Pump Up On Stage With Him But Calls Him ‘Little Pimp’


I already said in the other article about Donald Trump dancing that there were going to a be whole bunch of new memes when you wake up tomorrow, but Trump doesn’t seem like he’s willing to wait and has already started pumping them out with this latest effort coming from his rally in Florida late last night.

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The video just sums up Trump as best as anything could before the election. He decided to show the crowd a compilation of Joe Biden gaffes during his election campaign, and then immediately makes a gaffe of his own by inviting Lil Pump up on stage but referring to him as Little Pimp instead and clearly having no idea who he was whatsoever.

You couldn’t make it up – here’s the footage:

I guess nobody at the rally or even Lil Pump himself was that bothered that Trump got his name wrong, so I doubt it’s going to sway anyone planning on voting tomorrow. To be honest, we probably won’t even mention this indiscretion in the future after the absolute shit show that we’re surely going to see later on tonight. Grab some popcorn.

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