Donald Trump Proves His Incompetency By Hanging Up This Inauguration Photo

Inaugration Photo

Good one mate.

Donald Trump is the master of getting himself into completely stupid situations and it appears that just a couple of days into his presidency, he’s already proved this by hanging up a photograph of his inauguration with the date of the women’s march against him on it, instead of the date of his actual inauguration.

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As we all know (except Donald Trump), his inauguration took place last Friday, January 20th and the worldwide women’s march against him took place on Saturday, January 21st. Unfortunately, somebody somewhere screwed up the dates and got them mixed up on his official inauguration photograph. Bummer:

You’ve also got to laugh about how the photograph is taken from an angle which makes it look like the whole place is completely packed out for his inauguration, when we all know that the official numbers are way lower than at Obama’s previous inauguration. That’s despite everyone in Trump’s camp insisting that an unprecedented amount of people showed up and anything stating the opposite is in fact the dreaded ‘fake news’.

Can see we’ve got a fun four years ahead, and what’s more is that it’s only just begun. Hooray.

For more Trump, check out how ridiculous his signature is. What an angry man.


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