Donald Trump Has The Angriest Signature You Will Ever See

Suits him down to a T.

Donald Trump has spent his first two days as President signing a number of unpopular acts that will both prevent women all over the world from receiving contraception, deregulate climate change and destroy trade agreements that Obama spent his whole term sorting out, and as such his signature has been highlighted a lot. And it’s completely weird.

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To say it’s the angriest, biggest signature I’ve ever seen would be somewhat of an understatement. It kind of looks like one of those heart rate monitors you see people hooked up to in hospital just before they’re about to die – is that some kind of metaphor that implies America is currently on life support?

President Trump Signs Executive Orders On Oil Pipelines

Can anyone actually figure out how that says Donald Trump and why the hell it has to be so big?

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Tracey Trussell of the British Institute of Graphologists reckons that Trump’s signature indicates that he’s bold and craves power:

His signature transmits wild ambition, dynamism, bravery and fearlessness.

He’s hungry for power and has both determination and stubbornness in spades.

He is undoubtedly a tough negotiator – he excels at being hard lined, bold and direct.

I mean it sounds like she’s describing Donald Trump perfectly, but I guess she must have known whose signature it was before she did the analysis.

For more signatures, check out this guy who uses a picture of a penis as his signature. Moron.


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