According To This Doctor, Donald Trump Would Be The Healthiest President In American History

The guy actually shared his doctor’s note online.

Bad news for anyone hoping Donald Trump would wind up hooked up to an IV in hospital any time soon — the guy is healthy as fuck.

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Here’s a physician’s note he shared online after the latest check-up with his doctor:

Trump doctor


Firstly, I’m sure Donald Trump’s doctor is very highly qualified but what’s with that letter? “To Whom My Concern”? Come on mate.

The spelling mistake doesn’t really matter though, it’s the contents of the letter that are alarming for anyone hoping this guy would kick the bucket any time soon. His health is “astonishingly excellent”. He takes aspirin daily and has no history of using alcohol or tobacco. He had one surgery when he was 10 and that’s it. It probably made him even stronger.

So basically, health-wise, this guy is whooping every other US President in history. We can hate on him for all the moronic things he says and does but one thing we can’t fault is his amazing condition. Pretty much the perfect physical specimen for Presidency according to that note.

I suppose that could be another reason Dana White says he’s voting for him.


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