Donald Trump Is Hanging A Giant Map Of The 2016 Election Results In The White House

Spotted in the White House.

There’s never been a President who wants to remind people that he won the election more than Donald Trump. In fact I don’t think any other president has ever felt the need to mention the fact they won after already being inaugurated as president.

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And yet, the Trump administration appears to be hanging a giant map of the 2016 presidential election results in the West Wing of the White House:

Why does he need to keep referencing the loser (Hillary) he beat? Why does he need to reference the election result at all? I don’t want to sound crazy here but I think maybe, just maybe Donnie has a bit of an insecurity problem and doesn’t really know what he’s doing.

I guess rubbing salt in people’s wounds is what Donald Trump does best though. No wonder there are actual witches around the world trying to cast wicked spells on him.


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