Donald Trump Says He Gave Order To Bomb ‘Iraq’ While Eating Chocolate Cake

This is not good.

Donald Trump has been bragging about eating “the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake” as he discussed bombing Syria with the President of China.

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President Xi was having dessert at Trump’s private resort in Florida when he authorised a missile strike last week.

The US had retaliated after the chemical attack that killed 87 was blamed on Syria’s ‘tyrant’ President Bashar Al-Assad.

Trump tells the interviewer that he gave the final order over dessert, then told China’s premier:

We’ve just launched 59 missiles heading to Iraq.

He corrects himself after the interviewer prompts him:

Love how Trump was building the suspense to this story, even saying “you have no idea how many people want to hear this”. Just making out like it will be the best story ever told. Then he starts talking about how amazing this chocolate cake was as he and the Chinese premier casually discussed bombing Iraq…. sorry, Syria.

Oh well, no biggie right? People in important positions mess up all the time… just like his press secretary claiming Hitler never used chemical weapons.


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